At Swivel Finance, "The Decentralized Protocol for Fixed-Rate Lending & Tokenized Cash-Flows", our goal is to provide democratized access to complex financial tooling, but further...

Swivel is building the settlement infrastructure that enables broader application and adoption of decentralized finance.

The current web3 lending stack gives users the ability to utilize the time-value of their assets through lending protocols like Compound and Aave. Swivel builds upon this infrastructure to provide access to previously unfacilitated financial tooling, decentralized interest-rate derivatives.

Started at EthDenver 2020 and incubated through Gitcoin Kernel and DefiAlliance, Swivel is a community project at its core. With the backing of world-class investors such as Multicoin Capital, Electric Capital, etc., Swivel is looking to fill out its team of forward and independent thinking pioneers to push towards our mainnet release.

Open Positions

Open Positions

Last updated: February 18, 2021